GC Starbourne’s Tristan of Camezot

GP Starbourne’s Enchanted of Wiccacats

CH Starbourne’s An Affair to Remember

GC Cotn Hill Beyond the River

GP Starbourne Dancin' In the Moonlight

GP Starbourne’s Happy Ever After


CH Starbourne's Indian Summer


CH Starbourne's Hard Hobbit to Break

CH Starbourne's Lady In Red

Wiccacat's Abracadabra of Starbourne 
GC LT* Lelija Picasso of Starbourne x GRC WiccaCats Angelica Lynne 


GRP Starbourne's Nutmeg

GRP Starbourne's Ringbearer
at 6 months of age


GRP Starbourne's Dreamcicle of Frantone

CH Desmin Denali of Starbourne

The Magnificent Seven and Mom

Starbourne's "My Preciousss!"
"Don't say, we have come now to the end.
White Shoals are calling, you and I will meet again."


GRP CH Purrznpauz Moonshadow of Starbourne

CH Lt* Lelija Ithildin of Starbourne


WiccaCats Just 2 Cute of Starbourne

CH Calivan's Night Music of Starbourne


GRC GRP NW Starship's Magic Fire at 15 years of age with Donna


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